IEC understands the ability to manage the entire length and breadth of the supply chain has a direct impact on our efficiency, hence our clients' cost. To that end, IEC leverages a systematic ERP platform approach for supply chain management allowing for optimization of communication between IEC, our suppliers, and our clients to quickly adapt to changing demand/supply changes. We do this through:

  • Systematic planning, procurement, and logistics
  • B2B portal connection to clients systems for immediate visibility
  • Custom logistic solutions designed for the client's specific requirements
  • Supplier partnerships that drive aggregated pricing and material agreements
  • Direct order fulfillment to the end customer

IEC believes that it is just as critical to form solid partnerships based on mutual commitment with our suppliers as it is with our clients. Having the right amount of material at the right time, at the right “total cost of ownership” is critical to meeting our clients' product delivery requirements. This enables them to be successful in their marketplace.

IEC’s focus on supply chain and material acquisition gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We provide expertise in:

  • Lead-time reduction – VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), Demand Pull, and AR (Auto Replenishment)
  • Flexibility – Demand Driven Systems, Forecast Modeling
  • Demand Execution – Point of Replenishment Programs, Distribution Material Agreements